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How I made The Dictator’s final speech in colour


I was experimenting with the Colorise option on photoshop and I know that videos are n frames per sec. Then if I could turn black and white photos into colour why not a video?

I chose The Dictator’s final speech to work with.

This involves 3 steps

Converting Videos into photos

To make a colourised version of a video I need to convert a video into n number of photos. I decided to make a 25fps video.

N=Lenght of Video/25.

Doing it manually is a time-consuming process. Some tools help us to convert them with ease.

you can do it with VLC. you can use this link for reference. we need to keep the recording ratio to 1. so that it captures every single frame.

Colourising photos

Now I have to colourise each one of them in photoshop. Depending on the length of the video photos count will be higher.

so I recorded the actions of me applying a neural filter and then I created a droplet. And drag and dropped the folder containing all the frames. Once the droplet process all the photos it is time for the final step.

Putting it together

Finally, we can import them as image sequences and merge them with the original audio with any video editing software.

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